• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When will the 67th Annual General Meeting (AGM) reconvene?
    It will reconvene the 67th AGM on Saturday, January 9th, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. We encourage those members/owners who wish to participate (for example: view the 67th AGM, review reports, pose questions, vote) to pre-register by midnight on Friday, January 8th, 2021. Those members who have previously pre-registered for the 67th AGM will not be required to do so again.
    2. Where is the venue for the AGM?

    • The 67th AGM will be held at the Head Office, Neal & Massy Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited, #15-17 Borde Street, PORT OF SPAIN
    • Members and specially invited guests of the Board will not be permitted to attend the meeting at the Head Office of Neal & Massy Credit Union (NMCU) Co-operative Society Limited but may attend and participate via a live Webcast.

    3. Do we require a quorum for the AGM?


    4. Who can attend the 67th AGM?

    • All members of NMCU are eligible to attend the 67th Annual General Meeting (AGM).
    • This year, however due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the meeting will be held entirely Online.
    • Members wishing to participate in the 67th AGM are required to pre-register to attend, and must do so no later than Friday 8th January, 2021 by 4:00 p.m.

    5. Does each member of a household have to register separately?

    Yes, each member of a household that is a Member of NMCU must register separately. The parent email address can be used for minors for who do not have their own email address.

    6. How do I know if my pre-registration was successfully completed and submitted?

    Members will receive a message indicating that their data and required documents have been successfully submitted:

    You have successfully submitted your required information.

    NMCU will now complete the requisite verification process and once completed, you will receive further communication

    7. What occurs after my pre-registration has been completed?

    After a Member performs pre-registration:

    1. The Member will submit data as part of a verification process; and
    2. NMCU will then authenticate the Member.

    Once a Member has been authenticated:

    1. Members will receive reminder email(s) about the date of the AGM
    2. He/She will eventually receive an email with logon credentials.

    To recap, Members will be provided with reminder emails and eventually their logon credentials and a meeting invite for the secure meeting link after they pre-register and are authenticated for the 67th AGM.

    8. I registered, but I did not receive a link to the AGM?

    • Members will be provided with reminder emails and eventually their logon credentials and a meeting invite for the secure meeting link after they pre-register and are authenticated for the 67th AGM
    • Please contact us 67agm@nmncu.coop

    9. What is required to attend the Online/Virtual 67th AGM?

    To successfully attend the Online/Virtual AGM, members will typically need the following:

    • Stable access to the internet
    • An Internet enabled device (smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop) with working speakers and a microphone (camera optional)
    • An active email address
    • A quiet place from which to logon

    10. I do not have a computer; can I access the meeting via my phone?


    11. How long will the AGM last?

    12. If I am having technical difficulty to log into the meeting, what can I do?

    Please contact us 67agm@nmncu.coop

    13. Will members be able to ask questions in the meeting?

    • Yes.
    • Questions may be asked in accordance with the AGM’s Standing Orders.
    • Members can type their question in the meeting chat.
    • We are also encouraging Members to post questions prior to the date of the 67th AGM. Questions can be posted using the NMCU 67th AGM Webpage or through our available communication channels. Responses to those questions will be sent in a timely manner to ALL Members.

    14. How do I vote at the AGM?

    The Online system will provide the functionality for members to vote by selecting the appropriate voting buttons to choose a candidate(s) of their choice.

    15. Can members under the age of 16 vote?

    Yes. All members are eligible to vote

    16. When will be the remaining 25% Dividend be paid?

    • A Dividend is normally payable only if a Resolution for the payment and percentage dividend is approved by the members in attendance at an AGM;
    • Earlier this year, the Commissioner for Co-operative Development’s (CCD) office considered, and finally approved a provision where subject to their individual approval, Credit Unions who meet certain criteria can make an interim Dividend payment of up to 75% of the Dividend that is proposed by the Credit Union;
    • NMCU has already paid an interim Dividend that consists of 75% of the proposed Dividend for the Financial Year ending December 31st, 2019. Hence, the remaining 25% of the proposed Dividend will be paid shortly after Members in attendance at the 67th AGM approve a Resolution for the Dividend.