• Standing Orders – Online Meeting

    1.      A member can only address the Chairman i.e. contribute/make an input by:

    a)     Clicking/Selecting the “ASK A QUESTION” button located at the top of the Online Portal page;

    b)     Using the chat box; and

    c)      Waiting for the contribution/input to be recognized by the Chairman/Moderator

    2.      Contributions/Inputs by members must be clear and relevant to the subject before the meeting.

    3.      No member shall address the meeting except through the Chairman.

    4.      A member shall only address the meeting when called upon by the Chairman to do so. In this regard, the contribution/input that was placed in the chat box by the member will be read by the Chairman/Moderator.

    5.       A member may not contribute/make an input (click/select the “ASK A QUESTION” button and then use the chat box) twice on the same subject except:

    a)     The Mover of a Motion - who has the right of reply

    b)     He makes an objection or to explain (with the permission of the Chair)

    6.      The Mover of a Procedural Motion - (Adjournment laid on the table, Motion to postpone) shall have no right of reply.

    7.      No contributions/inputs to be made after the “Question” has been put and carried or negatived.

    8.      A member rising on a “point of order” (click/select the “ASK A QUESTION” button and then use the chat box) to state the point clearly and concisely. (A “point of order” must have relevance to the “Standing Order”).

    a)     A member shall not “call” another member “to order” - but may draw the attention of the Chair to a “breach of order”.

    b)     In no event can a member call the Chair to order.

    9.      A “Question” shall not be put to the vote if a member desires to speak on it or move an amendment to it - except, that of a “Procedural Motion”. “The Previous Question” “Proceed to the next Business” or the Closure: “That the question be Now Put”, may be moved at any time.

    10.  Only one amendment shall be before the meeting at one and the same time.

    11.  When a motion is withdrawn, any amendment to it fails.

    12.  The Chairman has the right to a “casting vote”.

    13.  If there is equality of voting on an amendment, and if the Chairman does not exercise his casting vote, the amendment, is lost.

    14.  Provision to be made for protection by the Chairman from vilification (personal abuse).

    15.  No member shall impute improper motives against another member.

    16.  All members are asked to share any issue they may be experiencing (click/select the “ASK A QUESTION” button and then use the chat box) so that the support team can troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

    17.  All members are reminded to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Please refrain from sharing any explicit, violent or inappropriate content.