• Group Health and Life Insurance Plan

    Health for Life with Neal & Massy Affordable Care (NMAC)

    Affordable Health and Life Insurance Is Now Within Your Reach

    Neal & Massy Credit Union (NMCU) is pleased to offer our members a Health and Life Insurance Plan from February  1, 2021. Monthly Health Premiums start at $319.00*.

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    NMCU is committed to the financial wellbeing of our members through access to affordable Health and Life Insurance- NMAC (Neal & Massy Affordable Care).

    Open enrolment has been extended to 31st January 2021. The open enrolment period offers our members the advantage of limited underwriting evidence.

    Download NMAC Health Plan schedule of benefits

    Enrolment Requirements:

    The initial enrolment requirements during the Open Enrolment Period are:

    Who can join the Plan:

    Members of NMCU in good standing can access the Plan. You can add the following family members, who qualify as eligible dependents to your Health Plan:

    • A lawful or common law spouse. Where the spouse of an insured member is also a member of NMCU, only one party can be the primary insured, while your spouse will be the dependent.
    • Children under the age of 19 or children attending full time school up to the age of 23. A letter confirming attendance from the institution is required.

    Where can a member get an application form:

    An applicant must be a member of NMCU to join this plan and registration forms are available via:

    • NMCU secure portal. This option provides the ability to download your application forms, as well as upload it upon completion to submit to RMS. Click here now.
    • RMS or NMCU office. Members have the option to email completed forms to nmcu@rms.co.tt as well as to deliver it to RMS or NMCU offices.

    1 Plan with 6 Advantages:

    1. Comprehensive Medical Insurance: Claim for Hospitalization Expenses, Doctor’s Visits, Vision Expenses, Maternity Expenses and much more 
    2. Life Insurance up to your 70th birthday  
    3. Persons over 65 years can access Health Insurance
    4. Add your loved ones to your policy
    5. Complimentary national discount card
    6. Claims paid directly to your Bank Account 

     Sign up by January 31st, 2021 to take advantage of limited underwriting requirements.

    * All rates outlined are based on certain minimum requirements for participation. Note: The rates quoted and/or the associated benefits are subject to change at the anniversary date of the policy.

    Other forms:

    Sign up by contacting nmcu@rms.co.tt or click here to download your application form immediately to sign up.

    For more information contact RMS at 625-1091 ext. 136 or 189 or email nmcu@rms.co.tt

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