• Credit Union Difference

    Credit Unions live by the philosophy "People Helping People". We are defined as a not-for-profit financial co-operatives that are owned by their members and exist primarily to serve their members. Credit Unions focus on service to their members while banks focus on generating profit.

    The difference is fundamental. The surplus or earnings of a credit union are returned to their members whereas the banks’ profits are distributed to stockholders.  Almost anyone can become a customer of the bank but anyone who wants to join a Credit Union must apply for membership and satisfy the requirements for membership as prescribed by the particular Credit Union.

    Once you are accepted you become a member/owner of the Credit Union. As a member/owner of the Neal & Massy Credit Union we encourage you to become more familiar with the benefits of membership, participate in events/activities, attend the Annual General Meeting, exercise your right to vote and share the "credit union difference" with your friends and family.