• Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you register for NMCU Online Banking?
    How do you transfer funds from your Bank Account (e.g. FCB, RBC, UTC etc.) to your NMCU Account online?

    This is not a feature of online banking. If you wish to transfer funds from your bank account to the credit union, this must be done via an ACH Payment: https://nealandmassycu.coop/resources/news-and-events/ach-payment-information/

    How long does this registration take before access can be granted?

    A member can be registered within 2 business days or less.

    When will NMCU Online Banking be available to members?

    Registration will commence from 29th May, 2020,

    What is the Transfer Account in Online Banking?

    It is a holding account for things such as payroll transactions and partial loan payments.

    Can children under 16 sign up for online banking?

    No.  As per the Bye Laws.

    Between 14–16, children can have access to their account but transactions must be co-signed by the parent/legal guardian

    Will the new system facilitate online transfer from a member’s other bank to shares and FIP payments in the NMCU online banking system?

    Transfers to these accounts will be facilitated via the existing mechanisms, that is via payroll, ACH or directly to the Teller.

    A member can transfer funds from NMCU Deposit account to Shares.

    Would a card be also available?

    No.  At this time, we do not have this facility.

    Would you be contacted for further instructions?

    Yes.  Once you register via the online form, you will be contacted to verify your information, then you will receive your login credentials.

    Can you compare this to what the banking system offers?

    Our online banking allows you to do basic transactions such as:

    • Access to view your account
    • Transfers from Deposit Account to Shares Account
    • Online Loan Application
    • Secured Messaging for request such as ACH account information and other banking requests

    Can you get a statement on your loan account and shares account?

    At this time, this can be requested via a secure message within the online banking system. And you can also via your balances under Accounts.

    Why is it taking so long to get my credentials to set up my account?

    Person who have pre-registered will be called to verify their information. Once this process is completed, we will start to send the credentials.

    How do you qualify for online banking?

    Once you have a valid and active account, you qualify.  You must be 16 years and older to set up an online banking account.

    How long does the process take?

    We are now starting the sign-up process to members which is expected to be completed within a few weeks.  During this time, we will be contacting each member to verify their information so that we maintain the confidentiality of their information.

    Can the account holder have the ability to transfer funds to various Banks and pay utilities bills?

    No.  This is not a feature of NMCU online banking.

    When will this be available for Apple IOS?

    We expect this to be completed by or before the end of June.