• Mortgage Loan

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    Loan Requirements

      Letter of Sale or Purchase Agreement

    • Title documents/ Deed of Conveyance/ Lease

    • Updated Land and Building Taxes

    • Updated WASA Clearance certificate

    • Insurance (Life – assigned to the Credit Union Home Owners Insurance Policy (to be submitted prior to disbursement)

    • Search, Valuation & Surveyors Report (enquire about our preferred providers)

    • Evidence of Income - (Pay slip/Job Letter/Income & Expenditure Statement for business owners/self-employed persons)

    • Letter of Indebtedness

    • 10% Down payment 

    • B.I.R. Number

    • 2 forms of ID

    • Certificate of Assessment (for home purchase)

    • Approved Building Plan

    • Projected Valuation Report (for home construction)

    • Builder’s Detailed Estimate 

    • Construction All Risk Coverage Insurance Policy (Bridging Loan)

    • Certificate of Completion (Bridging Loan)

    • Quality Surveyor’s Report

    All loans are subjected to normal lending criteria.

    If you need further assistance, our Member Services team is ready to help. Please call us at either 625-9455 or 624-6428. You can also directly reach out to our specific team members with the following extensions:

    • Joy Garcia, Extension: 171
    • Lata Managroo, Extension: 172
    • Cynthia Kennedy, Extension: 173
    • Leslie-Ann Walters-Raymond, Extension: 174

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