• Education Grant Awardees 2022

    Education – Your Passport to the Future

    Each year, Neal & Massy Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited (NMCU) provides financial assistance to eligible students/members to encourage personal and professional development. Access to these awards was for members in good standing at the credit union who performed well scholastically, in the annual national examinations. 

    Through the credit union, Education Grant members have the opportunity to apply for grants aimed at primary, secondary, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate courses in accredited schools, colleges and/or universities.

    This year, several of our youth members were recognized for their accomplishments at:

    1. Secondary Entrance Assessment Grant (SEA) Grant
    2. Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Level Grant
    3. Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Grant

    For 2022, the Education Committee added the Continuous Education category for members who were not eligible for the Education Grants for CSEC or CAPE to pursue a diploma, a certificate, an associate degree or an undergraduate degree at an institution of study.

    The Programmes of Study covered under the above-mentioned grants were for:

    • Professional Training and Development
    • Degree Programme

    There was also a category for Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies (CCLCS) to pursue studies in degree programmes, associate degrees, certificate programmes and Introduction programmes. However, the credit union did not receive any applicants for those categories this year

    The following is a list of members who received awards for 2022.

    S.E.A awards were granted to twelve (12) of our young members:

    • Kaylee Thompson: Top Performer received the Hollis Raghunanan Award
    • Kaveer R. Kowlessar
    • Akleema Ramjohn
    • Makayla Mc Intosh
    • Reyelle Jackman
    • Tiffany Omiss
    • Kareena Sirju
    • Shylah Ramkissoon
    • Naomi Francis
    • Shequan Cupidore
    • Christian Pierre
    • Joshua Noel-Daniel

    CSEC awards were granted to ten (10) awardees:

    • Ceronne Mascall: Top Performer received the George Robert Award
    • Kareema Mohammed
    • Tamika Noupeyou
    • Daniella Blackman
    • Elisa James
    • Adifyah Garcia
    • Satyam Mangrove
    • Saraya Romany
    • Alysa  Romany
    • Shennice Mohammed

    CAPE awards were granted to four (4) awardees:

    • Shezrae`James: Top Performer received the Kathleen Lewis-Garcia Award
    • Alexia Trim
    • Qaytirah Mohan
    • Malcolm Beddoe

    Continuous Education was awarded to three (3) awardees to pursue:

    ·         Degree Programme

    • Saleesha Mohammed-Ramjohn: Top Performer received the Milton Lewis Award

    ·         Professional Training and Development

    • Daniella Seebaran: Top Performer received the Fitzroy Regis Award      
    • Nehanda Collins

    The Board of Directors, Management and staff would like to wish all our awardees with continued success for their future endeavors.

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