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    Membership for our credit union is open to everyone. 

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    Why Choose Neal & Massy Credit Union?

    • A stable, digitally-enabled financial institution with a common bond that is open to potential members in good standing
    • Becoming a member means that you never face a financial decision alone
    • 24/7 online access to your account
    • We are committed to providing our members with the financial advice required to achieve their goals
    • Competitive interest rates on loans

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    You will need the following information in order to complete the application:

    • Two (2) valid forms of photo I.D. (National ID card, Driver's License or Passport). If there is only one valid ID, the ID must be presented along with a Birth Certificate.
    • Birth Certificate to verify your pin number
    • Proof of Address: Most recent Utility Bill (TTEC or WASA) or Cable Bill (Bmobile, Amplia, Digicel+, Flow etc.) or Bank Statement in your name. If any of these bills are in another's name, you will be required to provide a letter from that person confirming that you currently reside at the stated address, along with a copy of their I.D.
    • Proof of Income: Job letter (no older than one month) and most recent play slip.
    • $20.00 membership fee.

    Additional membership information will be required for the following:

    • Self Employed- Business Registration and other statutory Documents Required 
    • Unemployed Persons - Evidence to support how the account will be funded 
    • Applicable to foreigners/non-residents only. A reference letter is required as confirmation/evidence of prospective member's relationship with their foreign bank (legal requirement) 
    • If you are renting: Copy of identification from the landlord where the applicant is renting and Letter from the landlord stating that you are a legal tenant/or copy of the lease agreement 
    • Minor under 16 years must include: Completed membership form, 2 valid forms of ID (birth certificate, national passport, and/or National Identification) and parent proof of address 

    Please note: All documents requested, must be submitted in originals, unless where "copy" is stated. If you wish to complete the membership application form prior to arriving, you may download the application form via the links below, otherwise a representative would be happy to assist you at the time of application.

    Download our membership application form here

    N.B. The original application form must be submitted to the office for verification along with supporting documents for verification. A copy of the form cannot be emailed.

    For assistance: memberservices@nmncu.coop or WhatsApp 332-6628 or 339-6628