• Resource Library

    How to Participate

    Learn the step-by-step process to actively engage and participate in the activities and benefits offered by the Neal and Massy Credit Union.

    Joining the Credit Union

    Discover the requirements, benefits, and procedures to become a valued member of the Neal and Massy Credit Union community.

    Neal and Massy Credit Union Cooperative Society Bye-laws (2023)

    Review the official bye-laws governing the operations, membership, and management of the Credit Union for the year 2023.

    NMCU Policy for Representatives to Serve at other Institutions.

    Understand the guidelines and criteria for NMCU representatives serving at external institutions, ensuring transparency and integrity.

    Co-operative Societies Act 81:03

    Dive into the foundational legal framework that regulates and guides all cooperative societies, including credit unions, in Trinidad & Tobago.

    Co-operative Societies Regulations 1971

    Explore the detailed regulations set in 1971 that provide additional clarity and direction to the Co-operative Societies Act.

    Code of Conduct Policy - Board of Directors and Committee Members

    Familiarize yourself with the ethical standards and professional conduct expected from the Board of Directors and Committee Members of the Credit Union.

    Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Fit and Proper Guidelines (Revised October 2019)

    Stay informed about the Central Bank's guidelines ensuring that individuals in key positions meet the necessary criteria for competence, honesty, and integrity.

    KYC Requirements

    Know Your Customer (KYC) is essential. Learn about the documentation and verification processes required to ensure the safety and compliance of all financial transactions.

    Deposits made with ACH

    Get insights on how to make deposits using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, its benefits, and its security features.

    Source of Funds

    Understand the importance of declaring and verifying the source of your funds, ensuring transparency and adherence to financial regulations.

    Use of a Representative

    Learn how to appoint a representative for your account, the responsibilities they can undertake, and the necessary documentation required.