• Apply for membership

    Membership application requirements

    • Two valid (not expired) forms of photo I.D. (National ID card, Driver's License or Passport), where there is only one valid ID, the ID should be presented along with your Birth Certificate. 
    • Proof of Address - most recent, Utility Bill (TTEC or WASA) or Cable Bill (Bmobile Amplia, Digicel+, Flow etc.) or Bank Statement, in your name.  If any of these bills are in another's name, you will be required to provide a letter from that person confirming that you currently reside at the stated address, along with a copy of their I.D.
    • Proof of Income - Job letter (no older than one month) or most recent play slip. 
    • $20.00 membership fee

      Loan Requirements

      If you are a new member and will also be applying for a loan at the same time, the following documents are required in addition to those listed above:

      • Pay slip(s) - Monthly paid - last monthly pay slip, Fortnightly paid - last 2 fortnightly pay slips or Weekly paid - last 4 weekly pay slips
      • Documents to support your loan request - estimates, invoices, quotes, bills, settlement or payoff letters from financial institution (in the case of debt consolidation) etc.
      • Credit Checks Fees 

      To ensure that there aren't any delays in the processing of your membership application, please ensure that you walk with all of the above documents. 

      Please note: All documents requested above, should be submitted in originals, unless where "copy" is stated. If you wish to complete the membership application form prior to arriving, you may download the application form via the links below, otherwise a representative would be happy to assist you at the time of application.

      Download Membership Application Form 

      Download Fillable Membership Application Form

      For assistance: memberservices@nmncu.coop or WhatsApp 332-6628 or 339-6628

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