• Coin Week 2020

    How to win:

    Any member of Neal & Massy Credit Union (NMCU) under the age of twenty-five (25) is eligible to win a cash prize in the following categories:

    • Age 1 to 8
    • Ages 9 to 14
    • Ages 15 to 25

    Each category will receive the following cash prizes:

    • 1st Place- $250.00
    • 2nd Place- $150.00
    • 3rd Place- $100.00

    • Terms and Rules:
    • Members including NMCU staff and their family are eligible to enter and participate.
    • Members/participants must follow the rules stated below:
    • Participants must be a member 25 years and under.
    • Coins must be submitted in RBC coin bags which can be collected from our credit union’s office or at any RBC Royal Bank.
    • Only Trinidad and Tobago Coins will be accepted.
    • Coins can be accumulated by each member/family. This means parents may not purchase coins from the bank to redeposit to the credit union.
    • “Coins” will be accepted from 9:00 am on Monday 19th October to 12:00 noon on Friday 23rd October, 2020.
    • Members MUST email memberservices@nmncu.coop to make an appointment to drop off their coins. 
    • All monies will be deposited into the member’s shares account.
    • To qualify for prizes your deposit must be in excess of $100.00 and members may deposit any value of money
    • There must be no mixing of coins in bags, e.g. if bags contain 5 cent pieces, it must ONLY contain the maximum number of coins in 5 cent.
    • Only the EXACT value of coins specified on the coin bags must be submitted for each denomination. No more or less will be accepted
    For example:
    • 5 cent – must contain 100 – 5 cent pieces
    • 10 cent – must contain 100 – 10 cent pieces
    • 25 cent – must contain 100 – 25 cent pieces
    The names of winners will be published via NMCU’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Newsletter and website by 31st October, 2020.
    All decisions are final.