Dear Valued Members,

    Neal & Massy Credit Union is pleased to announce our Education Awards for 2020. Below are guidelines for the Awards and links to download the application forms.

    Secondary Entrance Assessment (S.E.A)

    • A total of 20 students will be eligible for this grant
    • The top 3 students will be awarded an additional grant for the next five years as long as they maintain a 75-80% grade point average for the academic year.
    • The following documents must be submitted for assessment and the selection of recipients:
      • Secondary entrance assessment form 
      • Copy of student’s performance report slip
      • Student’s admission slip
      • Student’s birth paper 

    Download SEA form

    Advance Level

    • Seven (7) students  will be eligible for this grant 

    Download Advance Level form

    Tertiary Level

    • Five (5) students will be eligible for this grant 

     Download Tertiary Level form


    • Forms can be obtained at the NMCU office, from our liaison officers, and via our website.  Forms will also be emailed to members once requested.
    • In the event there’s a lower number of awardees in any category, additional students may be accepted to other categories once within budget.

    If you require additional information, please contact memberservices@nmncu.coop

    Education 2020 flyer